Live Strong, Fit and Energized

Your 5 Step Fitness Blueprint

Tired of Dropping Out of Fitness Programs?

Feeling guilty because you know you "should" exercise more? Get started on the right track NOW with this FREE guide. No gym membership. No trainer. No equipment. See a future where you are stronger and achieving more of the things important to you. Your 5 Step Fitness Blueprint reveals the fitness secrets that most programs overlook.

  • Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Any Exercise.
  • Your 5 Essential Exercises - the how and the why.
  • Your Fitness Motivation Shortcut.
  • Nailing the Fitness Habit - 5 tools to keep you in the game.
  • 5 Super Important Principles behind Living Strong, Fit and Energized.

What Can You Achieve with Your 5 Step Fitness Blueprint?

  • Make the switch from not knowing where to start to feeling more confident about your exercise efforts.
  • Lose your sense of being overwhelmed by following this proven, step-by step program.
  • Start feeling more energized, focused, and less stressed.
  • Start making changes using tools that most fitness programs leave out.
  • See a future where you are living stronger, can accomplish more, and are improving your health through fitness. 

About the Author, Kristen Ann Carter, MS

Kristen has been working in fitness for over 20 years. Her training includes a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, Certified Personal Trainer, Titleist Golf Fitness Specialist, Lifestyle Management and Weight Control, and Health Coaching.

In addition to working with countless clients individually, she has brought workshops on many topics to the community, and has worked as facilitator and motivation guru for statewide exercise and weight loss programs.

Her passion is helping people become healthier, more energetic, and able to move better by making fitness a regular part of their lives. 

Check out what my clients have to say ...

I first met Kris when my doctor prescribed exercise and physical therapy for my fibromyalgia. I was shocked at how out of shape I was. Kris gently and firmly led me through exercises that gradually built up my strength, flexibility, and stamina. And along the way, I found out that I really enjoyed exercising. Now, I can’t do without it. It’s part of my everyday life and routine. I’m stronger, have more energy, and best of all, feel a hundred times better mentally and physically. And I look better too!

Miriam - Writer

When I first become a client, I had a very poor level of fitness. Kristen created a program that was appropriate for my fitness level, and gave me a detailed program to follow each week. Fitness has become a very important part of my life and I believe I could not have achieved the things I have without her help.

Cari - Veterinarian

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Live Strong, Fit and Energized: Your 5 Step Fitness Blueprint

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